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     Nanjing fire-fighting Equipment Co. , Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as China Southern Fire) , founded in the 1958(formerly known as Nanjing fire-fighting Equipment Factory) , is located in Nanjing Jiangning National High-tech Industrial Park, the registered capital of 160 million yuan. Is a domestic fire fighting enterprise with a COMPLETE INDUSTRIAL CHAIN OF R & D, design, product manufacturing, experimental testing, product sales, engineering construction and service training, nCC IS A HIGH-TECH ENTERPRISE IN THE R & D design capacity,

    product manufacturing capacity in the fire industry for many years to maintain the forefront, with fire engineering design special grade a qualification. The technology center of the company has been assessed by relevant government agencies as the Jiangsu Fire Engineering Technology Research Center, the Jiangsu Enterprise Technology Center, the Nanjing Industrial Design Center, the research and Development Institute of key enterprises of Jiangsu Province, and the Jiangsu Industrial Design Center, it has the ability to undertake large-scale and extra-large projects, and has completed a number of national high-tech product industrialization projects, Torch Program projects and national key new product projects. The total Gross leasable area of the company is more than 7000 square meters, with a remote monitoring and testing system and accredited by China National Accreditation Commission (CNAL) of the fire testing center, to assist in the development of new technologies, new products, testing. Many of the company's products have independent intellectual property rights patents, access to high-tech products and other honorary titles. China Southern Consumer's product sales system is sound. The company has branches or offices in the country sales outlets, business scope covers rail transit, communications room, urban comprehensive pipe rack, power and energy, petroleum and petrochemical, ships, steel plants and other fields. The company has self-export rights, product sales as far as Europe, the Americas, Oceania, Africa and Asia countries. The engineering construction capability of China Southern Consumer is outstanding. Have the first-class qualification of fire-fighting engineering and the second-class qualification of electronic and intelligent engineering. The company has a large number of national first-and second-class registered fire engineers, national first-and second-class registered builders, national registered cost engineers, and various technical and engineering management personnel of the fire control profession, with the total contract of large-scale, large-scale fire engineering strength. A number of projects contracted by the company won the 'National Quality Project Luban Award' , 'Jiangsu Quality Project 'Yangtze Cup' ' and other awards. China Southern has a complete after-sales service system. China Southern Energy has established Nanjing Huineng Huilian fire-fighting Technology Co. , Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Huineng Huilian) to tie in with the continuous expansion of its business network. Huineng Huilian has a group of skilled and experienced technical service personnel and a number of strong and brave, hard-working maintenance service teams; it has a large number of special engineering testing and construction machinery for fire-fighting system maintenance, equipment cleaning, calibration, testing equipment. Huineng Huilian in the northeast, northwest, southwest, South China, Central Plain and other 12 regions of the country to set up maintenance center, combined with the application of the Internet of things fire technology, to be able to respond to the feedback of users around the country within 1 hour. At the same time, the establishment of user file management and regular return visit mechanism to provide customers with various types of fire system after-sales service, system testing, maintenance, repair, engineering transformation and other professional services. Since its establishment, China Southern Group has adhered to the brand promise of 'creating value for customers with safe and reliable products and services' , adhering to the brand characteristics of 'trust, confidence, credibility' , shoulder the great responsibility of social fire safety, under the leadership of the company's management, accompanied by the implementation of the 'Fire Eagle' strategy, all operations, management work has been steadily improved. The company will, as always, with reliable products, high-quality service for the community, for customers to build a security firewall, for the progress of the national fire fighting to do its part.

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